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Thanks to much, Randy! I can hardly wait! You were wonderful and these are great! I can see them so much better in this computer size. You have a Happy New Year!

Blessings, Linda

Hi Randy! Thanks for yesterday. The whole family has been raving at how great everything went. We are in town til tomorrow so if you have time to meet up, I would love to get the DVD from you. Please let me know when and where!

Julia L.

Hi Randy! Those look great!   I love B&W as well as the color, and I would assume everyone else does as well, how could you not? I'd be comfortable leaving it up to you as to which ones to do in the B&W, but not all for sure. Your the professional with the eye for detail. I really appreciate you coming out to do these pictures. We all enjoyed it and I think Mom was thrilled, so mission accomplished.

Have a great day! Megan

Robyn says: Thank you so very much, Randy We appreciate your time, your patience and your warmth Looking forward to seeing your great pictures The happiest of holidays to you and your family Xo The Shkolnick Girls and Jeff

Hi Randy, Judy just left you a review:

Randy was such a pleasure to work with our family. We all can be very difficult at times but he made everybody laugh and feel very comfortable. We all agreed it was a great choice to choose him and will do it again. Our pictures turned out great and loved the more natural not stuffy looking posed pictures we have gotten before from studios.

Judy W.

"Randy did a great job of making our whole family feel at ease and had us smiling genuine smiles. The photos came out beautifully. I especially love the candid shots of the kids."

Kristen T.


Hello All,

Many of us are looking for value when we purchase equipment.  I have that used equipment on Craigslist (CL) can be an excellent source in this regard.  I found this article from that has very good information when purchasing used camera equipment.  When using CL is is a good idea to do the following:

1.  Deal locally and in cash only

2.  If the deal is to good to be true it is normally a scammer

3.  Meet in a neutral place such as a box store parking lot or Starbucks etc.

4.  Most people are legit and normal.  If you find that your email exchange with the seller is odd after a few emails my experience tells me to go on from these types of people.  It's not rocket science to place an ad and sell something on CL.

5.  Test the equipment out on the spot.

 Here is the link to buying used equipment:




Happy New Year.  Thanks to the new customers the last week.  The Johnson family in Burnet, TX, the Shkolnick family from Houston, the Groover/Albert family from Seguin and the Larson et al family from Austin, TX/Minnesota/Maryland/Guam....each of you was a pleasure to work with and you wonderful spirit is alive in the photos.  

Thanks also to for putting me in contact with such wonderful people.

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